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Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

Aspire & Excel

Care Net Abstinence Educators is pleased to introduce the abstinence education curriculums we are utilizing: Aspire and Excel.
Aspire: As the name implies, Aspire is an upbeat, forward looking, positive presentation of the Aspirebenefits of abstinence and marriage, designed specifically for public school students. Abstinence and Marriage Education Resources have spent the past two years developing this program to specifically meet the needs of Title V and CBAE abstinence education programs.
The central theme of Aspire is the clear message that abstinence before marriage is one of the best ways to prepare for a healthy, stable future marriage. Aspire includes the very latest facts and figures from the Centers for Disease Control, and the National Center for Health Statistics, and is regularly updated as new data becomes available. Aspire is an interactive workbook which includes eight chapters that build upon one another in an effort to guide students in making wise and healthy decisions in their lives.
ExcelExcel: Excel is very similar to Aspire, however, it is designed with a biblical foundation. It includes scriptures in every chapter, giving a scriptural foundation for every topic discussed. It follows the story of Joseph in Genesis and weaves it into every chapter as well. Excel is perfect to be utilized for youth groups and church events. This is also the curriculum we use at Care Net for one-on-one peer-counseling.
For more information about these curriculums, please visit the Abstinence and Marriage Education Resources website.
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