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Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

Esther Rewards

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Care Net Pregnancy Center of Indian River County has created this program to give you an opportunity to earn new items by participating in educational sessions. These studies are designed to help you leam skills in making decisions and to give you hope for your future.
The program books were written by Anne Peirson of Loving and Caring, Inc. and were designed for pregnancy center clients. In this program, you can earn reward points that are then redeemed for new items. Points may be earned in several ways and we encourage you to work with your peer counselor to design a plan using the available educational and spiritual materials which will best suit your needs and interests.

It is our hope that this program will be beneficial to you as you prepare for life's decisions.





  • The Me I See                                25 reward points
  • Basic Decision Making                  75 reward points
  • A Place Called Home                    75 reward points
  • Looking at Adoption                      75 reward points
  • Bible Study                                  75 reward points

  Point Breakdown    

  • Crib                                             200 reward points
  • Mattress                                       50 reward points
  • Infant Car Seat                             200 reward points
  • Toddler Car Seat                          200 reward points
  • Personal Beauty Basket               200 reward points

  Especially for Spanish-Speaking Clients    

  • Bible Study
    La nueva vida en cristo                  75 reward points
  • Three Sessions
    Three Spanish Brochures              75 reward points

  Church Attendance   

  • Earn 100 reward points - Do a CNPC Bible Study for 75 points and attend six church services within 8 weeks and bring in the bulletin or a letter from pastor(s) for each attendance during the time you are working on the CNPC BIble Study and get an additional 25 points!

  Seminar Attendance    

  • 50 - 100 reward points

   Educational DVD's   

  • 25 reward points  


And who knows but that you have come to 

royal position for such a time as this?

Esther 4: 14  

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